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The Women's Health Body Clock Diet

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You've tried all the diets and lost a little but gained back a lot! What's going wrong? Stop blaming yourself; it's not your fault, says nutritionist Laura Cipullo, RD. In all likelihood, your natural body clock is out of whack, causing hormone disturbances that pack on fat especially in your belly, butt, thighs, and arms. Resetting your internal clock is the answer to working with your body, not against it.

The Women's Health Body Clock Diet taps the latest scientific research on the interplay of chronobiology and hormones to help you adjust your body clock and other internal timekeepers for optimum health and fat-burning capacity. This three-phase plan will resynchronize a body wracked by dysfunctional eating, too much stress and stimulation, and disruptive sleep patterns. This book will provide you with:Three simple reset “buttons” that will rapidly shift your master body clock back into proper rhythm in less than 2 weeksA meal plan (one that says cookies are OK!) crafted by a registered dietitian and certified eating disorders specialistAn hour-by-hour daily action plan to take advantage of your body's natural hormone “bursts” to burn more calories, reduce sugar cravings, and optimize sleep to whittle your middle

Using simple tools to stamp out cravings and identify nonphysical hunger cues, you'll establish a positive approach to healthy eating and weight loss that will keep you deliciously lean for life.

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    CHAPTER 13 The Body Clock Diet Workouts
    Exercises for Phases 1, 2, and 3 that respect your precious time
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    a fresh start with food, mood, and body, let’s get started.
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    If you truly desire

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