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The Men's Health Big Book of Sex

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The editors of Women's Health magazine bring you scientifically proven expert tips, intensely researched studies, and doctor-approved advice. Step-by-step details elevate every aspect of your sexual life--from the foods you eat to what you say, from amazing foreplay techniques to some mind-blowing sexual techniques you've probably never tried!

The result will be breathtaking sex that lasts longer, happens more frequently, and is more pleasurable and exciting than you ever thought possible.

The Women's Health Big Book of Sex contains everything you need to know about great sex, including how to:Get your body into tip-top sexual conditionIncrease the passion in your relationshipFind the perfect sexual position to maximize your pleasureEnjoy earth-shattering orgasms beyond anything you've ever experienced before

This is your blueprint for a hotter sex life--whether you're looking to improve your performance or increase the passion. That's because The Women's Health Big Book of Sex book is the the result of hundreds of interviews with the most notable doctors and researchers in the world. The exercises, techniques, and programs inside span numerous disciplines, including: cardiology, physiology, psychology, psychiatry, urology, nutrition and weight loss, behavioral therapy, sexology, religion, and more.

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