Alison Weir

Alison Weir (born 1951) is a British writer of history books for the general public, mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and queens. She currently lives in Surrey, England, with her two children.Before becoming an author, Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs. She received her formal training in history at teacher training college.




Lisa Eliassaintцитируетв прошлом году
William Grindal and the celebrated Cambridge scholar, Roger Ascham
Lisa Eliassaintцитируетв прошлом году
As queen, she read and conversed fluently in Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Welsh.
Lisa Eliassaintцитируетв прошлом году
She had read the New Testament in Greek, the orations of Isocrates and the tragedies of Sophocles
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