Jamie Wilkins

Mindfulness [Russian Edition]

Слушать в приложении
In an era where time rushes in an uninterrupted stream, we often get lost in a meaningless hustle and the race for success. But what if we told you that true happiness and life's meaning exist here and now? Do you believe in the priceless opportunity to find the long-awaited peace and harmony in the midst of the chaos? This is achievable through the subtle art of living in the present moment, which will help you realize yourself and the world around you at a new, profound level.
With the help of this audiobook, you will:
• Learn to practice mindfulness and accept life events as they are.
• Uncover your true essence and see the world through different eyes.
• Harness all the energy available to you for inner growth and personal transformation.
• Place full trust in yourself and deepen your connection with your own nature.
There is a world full of unexplored facets where missed opportunities intertwine with lived experiences. It is a world where we can let go of the eternal pursuit of the future and immerse ourselves in the moment, feeling its unique fullness and richness. This is the art of living in the present moment, and it awaits you to open the door to inner peace and well-being.
Author's Republic
AB Publishing
Vadim Pugachev
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